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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kanarraville Falls

Yesterday Brady and I did one of our most favorite hikes since we have moved to Southern Utah.  Maybe one of our most favorite ever!  About 40 minutes north of our house is a little town, Kanarraville.  They have a hike that we have heard about over and over again.  Since it was officially the hottest day since our move, we thought a hike through water would be the perfect way to spend the day.

The hike started up with about a 3/4 mile walk up a dirt road.  Although it was dry and hot, the view was beautiful...

Once you get past the dirt road, you start on a trail that has ups and downs and cross the creek multiple times.  At that point, we changed into our water shoes and I am so glad we took them!  

One of the best parts of the hike was coming around one of the bends and BAM!  There's the slot canyon!!

Walking through the water and slot canyon was amazing!  It never really got deeper then my knees.  And the water felt so good on such a hot day.  I had to stop every so often and just look up at the beautiful rock wall.  

After walking through the water for a while you come to the (somewhat famous) picture spot.  

Once we got up the ladder, we continued down the slot canyon.  The area opens up for a little bit, with another waterfall.  This one is used as a water slide where a lot of people were stopped to use and cool off.  We continued on into another narrow slot canyon and eventually came to another waterfall.  This one, however, we chose not to go past.  The way up seemed a little unsure to us, so we decided to turn around at that point.

On the way back, I was slightly nervous about going back down the ladder since I have such a fear of heights!  I chose to go down face forward and it was not a problem at all!  Of course, Brady wasn't worried about going down at all.  I just made him get back on so I could get his picture on the ladder.  =)

On our way down, we tried to walk in the water as much as we could to help keep us cool.  We continued to enjoy the scenery and talked about how we couldn't wait to come back and bring our family when they visit!