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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Pioneer Park

It was such a nice day outside, we couldn't stay indoors! After church, we went to explore Pioneer Park.
On of my good friends from high school, Madalyn, and her family joined up with us for a little while in our exploring. I didn't realize how huge this place was! We probably could have spent a lot more time exploring had we not needed a break to get water. Check out this beautiful red rock!
There was a slot canyon that we could go through, but decided against after we saw how small it was! Pretty sure I wouldn't have fit.
After getting some water, we drove around for a bit and saw this archway and wondered what it was. Discovered that it is the St. George Temple Quarry trail. This is where they got the rock for the foundation and basement for the temple. We didn't do the whole trail, but thought it was a pretty neat find.
For much of it, we could see the Green Valley area where we live. Such a beautiful place!
I think our weekends will be full of finding all these fun places for a while. Feel somewhat of a tourist right now instead of a resident!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hot Air Balloons

Today we got to go to the Mesquite Hot Air Balloon Festival. Unfortunately, due to the winds higher in the sky, they weren't able to launch them. It was still a lot of fun to go watch them get blown up and listen to the pilots talk about their balloons.
Found out that these balloons cost over $50,000 and they can only be used for so many hours before the fabric is no longer strong enough to hold them. That is an expensive hobby!!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Need a break from unpacking!!

Since Monday was a holiday and I didn't have to work, we spent the morning unpacking and then decided to take the afternoon off! We went to a local restaurant: Bella Marie. Soooo good! I got chicken and pasta and Brady had a calzone. Both were amazing! After that, we headed up to Snow Canyon for a little hiking. The weather was perfect and it was so beautiful up there!!
To say that we hiked through a lot of sand would be an understatement...
But we truly loved the area and bought a years pass, so we plan on going back many more times!!
I told Brady that this must be God's playground! We had a great time exploring and can't wait to go back again!

New Job, New Home

It's true, we have moved! December-January was a crazy busy month for us! On December 15th I was offered a new job with United Way of Utah County with the Help Me Grow Program. Brady and I had been hoping and praying for a change and felt good about it, so of course, we took the offer! Because of Christmas, we had to rush down that weekend to find housing in St. George. Luckily, we found one we really liked and got it. It took a lot of work to finish out my job at BRAG. It was really hard to say goodbye so some of these sweet ladies I worked with!
These awesome ladies from the Aging department have always been so sweet, I will miss seeing them! And Liz, the sweetest lady you could ever meet! Unfortunately, I wasn't on top of it enough to get pictures with others before we said goodbyes. I also had to say goodbye to these lovely ladies too. They have served along side of me without complaint! I don't think I would have survived my 2.5 years as RS president without them. They are true examples to me of Christlike love and I will love them forever for the amazing women that they are!
Moving day came and it was sad to leave our first home together behind. As excited as we were to go onto a new adventure, I couldn't hold back a few tears of the thought of leaving our home, family and friends. So many changes!!
Oh, and sorry Julie, I can't help but to post this picture! The night before we left, we spent the night at my parents home in Hyde Park. I found this old sweater in our room that belonged to Julie (or Jill, no one will admit to owning it!!). I was laughing hysterically as I convinced her to put it on!!
As crazy of a month is was, I really cannot complain. We have had so much help and support from everyone.